"La Mamma
è sempre la Mamma"

The Story of how a project of quality catering is born

Casa Mamma Elvira, bottiglie colorate negli spazi comuni
Interno della sala comune della Casa

The world of Mamma Elvira is a precious treasure,
born in 2011 from the creative mind of Andrea Favale.

It is a perfect mix of flavours, fragrances and memories that remain imprinted in the mind and palate forever.

The cuisine offered by Mamma Elvira teaches us the importance of Apulian culinary tradition and makes us discover the culture and history of Italy through the flavours and recipes handed down over time.

Mamma Elvira is all this: a world of emotions, flavours and unique and unrepeatable experiences.
They are places where food is transformed into a true embrace, where every dish, every cup has a story to tell and where time seems to slow down to let us enjoy the pleasure of food made with love.

We are passionate about taste and believe that good food and good wine are an art form that allows us to explore the world through the palate.

We share our knowledge and experience to help everyone improve their culinary skills and discover new flavours and pleasures.

Mamma Elvira is not just about catering, however, but also about holiday homes, events and unique experience.